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In our monthly newsletter, we deliver several great lessons learned from news, trends, and articles from the sports world but also from other industries in order to better understand the society and what we can bring into our own sports career. We have so many great news and lessons to share from our newsletter and therefore we will share the ones that never made it on our top list. Let us present to you the fifth edition of The Rest of the Best.

Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic took records from Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan — in the same match

- I would pay money to see him play. I’m not saying that about many players, but he’s really special. Luka is not just a phenomenal basketball player. He is also a superb entertainer, says coach Rick Carlisle, on the club’s website.

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Derrick Lewis set a UFC record when he beat Aleksei Oleinik

Derrick Lewis, who now has eleven knockouts in his UFC career, is also just a knockout victory from the overall UFC record, held by Vitor Belfort (12).“You don’t want to just rush and go high — ‘Every player out now; we’re a Premier League club’ — and buy this and this and this player,” Marathe said. “Sometimes you want to build it organically and thoughtfully.”

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They do business for the elite clubs

Never be on the wrong side — these are key words for Never Offside, which offers Swedish sports clubs new income opportunities. The company was started in 2014 and is today an important partner for several elite clubs in our largest team sports.

Never Offside builds digital networks in order to create new income where the club’s various partners, and supporters, can meet each other.

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Former India cricketer Aakash Chopra turns entrepreneur, becomes co-owner of bat making company Z-Bat

Report: Liverpool exploring AI tech to get fans back to Anfield

English soccer champions Liverpool are exploring the use of German technology firm G2K’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform to assist with bringing supporters back to their Anfield home next season, according to the Athletic.

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The future of work in Europe

Discussions of the labor outlook in Europe are understandably overshadowed by the impact of the novel coronavirus crisis. A discussion paper by the McKinsey Global Institute, The future of work in Europe (PDF–1MB) takes a longer-term view of the situation, to 2030.

“Everyone has discovered that there is money in children’s sports”

Children’s and youth sports in Sweden are changing. At the same time as the grassroots sports are losing members, private companies have emerged as an alternative to the traditional sports movement.

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Photo by Rafaela Biazi on Unsplash


Each company is unique and it can be difficult to know who really decides and how decisions about sponsorship are actually made. In short, there are many different types of decision makers in an organization.

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That’s how the golf course got attention

The golf resort’s “Corona drag” was a great success. In June, the people in charge of Lydinge Resort decided not to just sit and wait with empty hotel rooms but made a different decision and via a unique offer ”:“ Pay for the first night and stay for free until someone else books your room ”.

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What The Washington Redskins Rebranding Process Looks Like From Here

Now that the Redskins have announced the team will retire its name and logo, all eyes turn toward the rebranding process. What will the name be? Will they use Washington or D.C.? Will the colors change?

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