Issue #24 — The new normal 👀


5% of workers did their job remotely before 2020 and now more than half work remotely. Sure, some people will settle back into the main corporate office once vaccines have made the world safer. BUT many people, both on the employee side and the employer side, have now gotten used to the new mode of working, and can’t imagine going back to the old status quo.

84% of employers plan to expand remote working, according to a World Economic Forum report.

If you’re in the market for a new role, and you have the right skills for a position in e-commerce, healthcare, or digital content, you’re in luck: they’re all on the list of LinkedIn’s predictions for the hottest jobs of 2021.

The shift is also enabling a career change for many — from sales to social media, research to medical writing, and entrepreneur to life coach.

Are you looking into a job or looking into hiring, then keep these skills and trends in mind.

In this newsletter, we will share with you things like 25 SportsTech startups worth investing in, fan engagement and quantifying football.

5 300 sports clubs wants more more


5 300 sports clubs have asked for 3 billion, but they only get 1,5 billion.

Throughout 2020, a total of 5,300 sports clubs have asked for three billion from the Swedish support grant during the pandemic. However, the government can only distribute 1,5 billion. After that the government’s corona support is zero Swedish kronor for sports.

From Fotbollskanalen

Photo by mohammad saemian on Unsplash

Read more about Swedens Covid money support here

Below are our featured must read we think you should read. Some are the news we read and listened to, and some are things we shared on Social Media. And since we have so much content and knowledge to share, we will link more interesting news further down below. We hope you like it 🙌

🏐 The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) partners with CVC Capital Partners to launch Volleyball World

🥅 NHL, Amazon Web Services partner to provide fans new viewing experiences

🎥 Fifa confirms Nordic broadcast deals for 2026 World Cup

⚽️ City Football Group agrees Club Bolivar partnership

🙌 Inside The Golden State Warriors’ Virtual Fan Experience

🏘 Why Copenhagen is an epicentre for sustainable sport

💡 The Top 25 Most Innovative Teams In the World


💉 Tokyo Olympics: An ethical approach will determine whether athletes should get vaccinated ahead of the public

🤸‍♂️ AI-Based Judging in Gymnastics: better than the expert’s eye?

🏀 Synergy Sports Partners with Swedish Basketball Federation To Drive Exposure of Top Tier Women’s Basketball

📊 Quantifying the economic and social impact of football

🚀 20 sports tech ideas to invest in now — Class of 2021

Do you want more news and interesting reads? Or do you want to share any news?

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Featured articleThese are the top 20 football leagues according to social responsibility

It is time to learn more about social responsibility in sports and more specifically in football…

Read the full article here

We believe that all sports bring a lot of engagement and emotions and that is why many of us want to work in sports. Our vision is to have a world where everyone can work with their passion. So lets us all help each other getting that extra help.

∞ Stop dreaming, start finding your passion!

CEO, Jakob Wikenstaal



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