That is it — Issue #22

Happy New Years 🎉


It has been a strange year. The pandemic has affected us all in different ways. Now let us look forward to a brighter and better 2021!

Something we all look forward to is the vaccine. Because the vaccine is approaching you and me and hopefully we can soon return to what was previously considered normal. Playing sports, go to sporting events without worrying about anything and being able to hug and celebrate together as often as we want to.

Both students and employees have also been severely affected during the recent year. People have been forced into unemployment and lost their chances of getting a job immediately after graduation. At Sportidealisten, we have done what we can to simplify the path to new jobs in sports for thousands of people in 2020. We will continue the work to help even more sports clubs and job seekers, this year as well.

Now let us look ahead and hope for a really good year for everyone. Take care!

In this newsletter, we will share with you things like management, tech, two historic women, IOC and Table Tennis.

30 Under 30 In Sports 2021


Why Sports Matter In A Time Of Social Justice, Social Distancing And Social Media

Here are som of the top 30:


Point Guard, Philadelphia 76ers

Malika Andrews, 25


Batouly Camara, 24


Shams Charania, 26


Zac Hiller, 29


From Forbes

Read more about 30 Under 30 In Sports 2021 here

Below are our featured must read we think you should read. Some are the news we read and listened to, and some are things we shared on Social Media. And since we have so much content and knowledge to share, we will link more interesting news further down below. We hope you like it 🙌

🔰 The ethics league: audit by campaigners puts Fulham top and Man City bottom

🏎 5 surprising ways Formula 1 is changing the world

👩‍💼 ‘I can add a lot’: Lisa Alexander sets sights on becoming first female AFL coach

📊 5 charts showing the jobs of a post-pandemic future — and the skills you need to get them

📉 Mapping study on measuring the economic impact of COVID-19 on the sport sector in the EU

📜 The sport programme for the Olympic Games #Paris2024

🎙 Casting a wide net: The business of sports podcasting

🏓 The ITTF’s new commercial plan to broaden the horizons of table tennis

⚽️ An expert’s guide to running a soccer club — part one: Sporting operations

♻️ Brentford: The women of power at the club aiming to be ‘most inclusive in UK’

🎧 Ep 33: “One step at a time!” with Jakob Wikenstaal — Founder at SportIdealisten

⌚️ Pau Gasol: ‘Investing in new technology is key for the sports industry to keep growing’

🔓 For Athletes, Career Networks Unlock a World of Opportunity in Finance and Consulting

📲 How to Build a Digital Brand That Lasts

🔢 ‘What we do isn’t rocket science’: how Midtjylland started football’s data revolution

Do you want more news and interesting reads? Or do you want to share any news?

Let me know.

Featured post — How to become a successful and transformational leader

What makes a leader successful? What does it mean to be a transformational leader? In this article, we will talk about modern leadership from the football context. We talk about building trust and put the group together. One of the.…

Read the full article here

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We believe that all sports bring a lot of engagement and emotions and that is why many of us want to work in sports. Our vision is to have a world where everyone can work with their passion. So lets us all help each other getting that extra help.

∞ Create a great month and a great 2021!

CEOJakob Wikenstaal

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